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AC Blows Hot Air: What Does It Indicate?

We rely on our air conditioning units so much during the summer. But at times, we face issues about air conditioners blowing warm air. Fortunately, it’s a common issue for AC repair in Las Vegas, NV that the homeowner may fix in some cases.

If you’ve been wondering why your air conditioner is blowing warm air, you’re not alone. We wish to assist. If it turns out to be something you can’t diagnose or fix on your own, turn to professionals for all of your air conditioning demands and inquiries.

Troubleshooting The Issue

  • Thermostat: The first item you must examine is the thermostat, which may seem apparent. If your air conditioner produces hot air, you may have set the thermostat to “heat” by mistake.
    If this is the case, it’s a simple remedy you can do on your own. Set the thermostat to “cooling” and check if the air conditioner begins to blow cool air again.
    It would help if you also double-check that the battery charge and the thermostat are not too high. Remember that the “auto” feature only uses the fan when air is heated or cooled. The ” on” setting means that the fan will continuously circulate the air, even if the air conditioner or heater turns off. In almost all of the cases, we advise using the “auto” option.

The Fix: Double-check that the thermostat is set to “cool” and correct the temperature. Change the batteries if you have worn them out. We suggest selecting the thermostat at about 78 degrees Fahrenheit during the cold period and 7-10 degrees more when away. You might save 10% on your yearly heating and cooling bills if the setback time is 8 hours long (U.S. Dept. of Energy).

  • Circuit breaker: Check the electrical outlet after verifying the thermostat cells and settings to ensure the HVAC system has power. The operation of HVAC equipment necessitates a significant amount of energy. When there is an excessive amount of power requirements, the breaker may immediately close off electricity as a protective measure.

The Fix: Look for a blown switch or a damaged fuse in your electrical panel. Flip the breaker entirely off (reverse way of controls) and return to the “on” position to re-energize the machine. If a fuse has blown, you’ll have to replace it. It is also an excellent opportunity to name all of your circuits so that you can quickly find them the next time one is overwhelmed. If your breaker keeps tripping for no apparent reason, you should call for an AC replacement from a Las Vegas, NV company. Before releasing any refrigerant, your HVAC professional should fix the leak. If you don’t patch the leak, you’re only postponing the problem rather than solving it. We can help you save money by offering great deals on AC maintenance in Las Vegas, NV. If you’re looking for the best services for all HVAC problems, book our services today. To schedule, call us at (702) 861-0036.

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