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Don’t Replace or Repair Your AC Without Asking These Questions

After your AC has completed its natural lifespan, it is time to start looking for a new one because repairs will no longer fix the problem. Now, before you go ahead and buy a new one, it is suggested that a little research is done so that the purchase made is feasible and also effective in the long run. If you think that your air conditioner needs an AC repair in Las Vegas, NV you should ask a few questions before actually calling your contractor.

10 Questions You Should Ask Before Getting AC Repair or Replacement

Given below are a list of questions that you can ask your contractor before going for a repair or replacement:

1. How old is my air conditioner?

You need to ask if your air conditioner is old enough for a replacement or repair will suffice to keep it efficient.

2. Will I have an option to claim discounts?

There are always special offers and discounts, especially if you are a new customer. So, make sure that you have all options available to claim them.

3. What size AC should I go for?

If it is a replacement, then you need to ensure that you are perfectly specifying your needs. Accordingly, your contractor should be able to suggest a model that matches your new needs.

4. How much time will the installations take?

New AC installations take time because of the work that needs to be done for ducts, electricals, plumbing, calibration, and testing.

5. Should my system be inspected before, including internal parts?

Since the professionals have more knowledge of your HVAC needs, it could be that you do not need a replacement. A pre-check could stop you from unnecessary replacements.

6. Is my AC meeting my home and comfort needs?

There is no point in having an AC that provides no comfort, or is not appropriate to the infrastructure of your house.

7. Will I get a written service plan for my new system?

There are maintenance services offered, which are all mentioned in the service plan that you get. Ensure to take yours.

8. Will my AC be efficient in the long run?

Air conditioners are an investment for quite a long time. So, future efficiency should be focused on, and not just the short-term benefits.

9. Can I benefit from the new technologies inbuilt in air conditioners?

Some changes keep occurring in the new AC models. You must contrast the benefits of both systems and then make a decision.

10. What are the types of filters being offered?

There are various filters in the market, including washable, HEPA, and others, that not just offer efficiency benefits but also play a major role in keeping the indoor air quality at its best.

Going for a repair or a replacement is another chance for you to improve your comfort by making the right decisions. These questions will surely help you get the best model. Be it AC replacement in Las Vegas, NV, repair, or any other HVAC needs; Paramount Air is here to help. Feel free to call us on (702) 861-0036 and book our services!

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