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Ductless Repair In Las Vegas, NV

Ductless Repair in Southern Nevada and Surrounding Areas of Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City and North Las Vegas

Signs That You Need Ductless Repair

Keeping your mini-split ductless air system operating at peak performance is relatively easy if you follow the simple at-home maintenance steps and have your system serviced as needs arise. 

It may not be enough to keep a good maintenance program for your ductless mini-split system. There can be times when your system will need to be repaired.

When these times do roll around, please contact us at Paramount Air so that your system will continue to give you the performance and comfort you have grown accustomed to. Here are some issues that may indicate you are in the need of ductless repair.

Controls Not Working

Should you happen to notice that your system doesn’t respond to any control panel input, this would indicate something wrong either in the electrical system, or the control panel itself.

This holds especially true for the thermostat. If your unit will not allow you to control the comfort level within the space it is trying to heat or cool, you need to schedule some ductless repair as soon as possible.

Unit Not Cooling

There may be problems with your refrigerant level, your compressor’s electrical connections, or in the control lines themselves. If you notice any reduction in the usual cooling capacity, schedule a ductless repair.

Scraping Noises or Ice Accumulation

Pay close attention to the coils on the outside condenser unit. If these coils start to ice up, this would indicate a problem that needs to be addressed. Also, the ice could keep the fan from operating properly causing a grinding, or scraping noise.

Now that you have made the switch to a mini-split ductless system, there are several maintenance functions that you can perform yourself without the need of a technician. These items are located in the Ductless Maintenance section.

Either way, this would be an ideal time to contact us at Paramount Air for a bit of ductless repair!

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