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Ductless Service In Las Vegas, NV

Ductless Service in Southern Nevada and Surrounding Areas of Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City and North Las Vegas

When It's Time for Ductless Service

Now that you have made the switch to a mini-split ductless system, there are several maintenance functions that you can perform yourself without the need of a technician. What about those issues that do require a professional technician? We can help you with all of your ductless service needs during your annual ductless service inspections.

Below are some Ductless Service Issues that would Require a Professional Technician.

Noisy Operation

Ductless mini-split systems are known to be among the quietest operating air systems that you can purchase on the market today. So, it would stand to reason that if you were to hear anything out of the ordinary to contact us immediately. There may be problems that require immediate attention.

This goes for your indoor unit as well as your outdoor unit. These two units were designed to work in harmony with one another and any unusual noises could indicate otherwise.

Unusual Odors

Ductless service would be required should you notice any unusual odors coming from your system. These odors could indicate anything from a stopped up drain line to possible electrical issues.

You can be sure your ductless system needs to be serviced at this point. Contact your mini-split professional service technician.

Don’t Hesitate

These are just a few issues that would require you to get your mini-split ductless service professional involved. If you have any cause to question the normal operation of your unit, don’t hesitate, protect your investment and keep your ductless service issues to a minimum.

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