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Extend The Life Of Your Furnace With These Easy Tips

Most of us ignore our heating and cooling systems until it’s too late. You’ll be waiting for the emergency HVAC specialist to arrive while wearing jackets and toques around the home when your furnace eventually breathes its final breath.

If you are one of these homeowners, there are a few simple, low-cost things you can take right now to help keep your present HVAC system running as efficiently as possible.

Install A Thermostat That Can Be Programmed

The use of your heating system can be controlled by installing a programmable thermostat. Essentially, it allows you to create a pre-programmed plan that regulates the temperature of your house based on the time of day and season, lowering the heat at night and during the day when no one is home.

Smart thermostats add an extra layer of management by reacting to the movement (are people home or not), developing on-the-fly schedules, smart control via phone apps to give you far better control over your system — from anywhere in the globe.

Replace The Air Filter On A Regular Basis

One of the most important strategies to extend the life and efficiency of a furnace is to change the filters on a regular basis. However, to get the most out of this routine maintenance operation, homeowners should change their furnace’s filter more frequently than the manufacturer recommends.

Air Leaks Must Be Prevented

Air leaks deprive you of the warm air your furnace has worked so hard to provide. Air leaks not only rob your home of its warm air, but they also force your furnace to work harder and longer, reducing its lifespan. Air can get in through your front entrance, walls, bathroom, kitchen vents, basement intrusions, and any little gaps and openings.

One of the best things you can do to increase the comfort of your house and the longevity of your furnace is to eliminate draughts and air leaks to ensure your home is properly sealed and insulated.

Look For Measures To Minimize The Furnace’s Load

Reducing the burden of an aged furnace is another approach to make it last longer. Spending a few days observing when and why the furnace turns on is a smart approach for homeowners to do this.

Maintain The Furnace On A Regular Basis

We recommend having your furnace cleaned and maintained on a regular basis to avoid the hassle of having it fixed. When you get your furnace serviced, a qualified HVAC expert will go through a list of components to make sure you haven’t overlooked anything that could create problems during the coldest months of the year.

Why not make an appointment with us, Paramount Air? We realize how hectic everyday life can be and how a broken furnace in need of repair can throw a kink in your plans. When you work with us on maintenance, you can expect a quick response and honest, hard labor. Trust the doctor with your heating repair in Las Vegas, NV.
Schedule for your furnace repair in Las Vegas, NV today!

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