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Furnace Facts: Atmospheric VS. Sealed Furnaces

Furnaces, man’s greatest invention, mainly provide home heating in the United States. A furnace heats the air and distributes it throughout the house using ducts. Technological advancements have changed the equation completely, so today, we have a wide variety of furnace types that cater to different requirements. In this article, we will share important developments in furnaces, the sealed furnace, and how it differs from more conventional atmospheric furnaces. Knowing how furnace technology continues to improve and become more energy-efficient can help you find the right HVAC contractor in Las Vegas, NV to install the best furnace for your home. To compare atmospheric and sealed furnaces, let’s define each one separately:

What Is An Atmospheric Furnace?

The atmosphere furnace is designed and fabricated to accommodate wide areas of processing where it is necessary to maintain an inert atmosphere in order to avoid oxidation of heating components. These units are commonly used for bonding, curing, and heat treatment.

This type of furnace is commonly known as a controlled atmosphere furnace, and it is ruggedly constructed with a double shell chamber equipped with a cooling fan. Digital PID controllers are used in each unit to ensure optimum temperature accuracy while maintaining a comfortable temperature all the time. Long-lasting heating elements provide a superb heating experience even at high temperatures.

What Is A Sealed Furnace?

Unlike conventional furnaces, this furnace has an enclosed combustion chamber from the inside. It then follows the question, where does the combustion air come from? A plastic tube that runs outside collects fresh outdoor air for the process. This metal pipe is usually next to the exhaust pipe that allows the combustion fumes to escape after the gas/air mixture is burnt. It’s best to just keep a maintenance checklist for your heating system to avoid any issues, and if a problem persists, you can call a professional to help you with heating repair in Las Vegas, NV.

Sealed Furnace VS. Atmospheric Furnace

A sealed furnace is better than an atmospheric one because it exerts less heat into the house when it works. Additionally, since it draws in air from the outside, it does not remove already heated air from the house like an atmospheric furnace would or create a vacuum that would allow colder outside air to rush in. It can be said that sealed furnaces are better in terms of the danger reduction of backdrafts; some other reasons include:

  • A sealed combustion furnace is less likely to collect debris that could clog the burners and cause them to fail to ignite.
  • It’s true that gas furnaces can make your home’s air too dry. The problem is that atmospheric furnaces pull air away from the inside of the home, resulting in a shortage of air. During the winter, the outside air is drier since it rushes in to make up the deficit. Sealed combustion furnaces eliminate this problem because the combustion process draws air from the outdoors.

Whether your furnace is an atmospheric one or a sealed one, Paramount Air tries to find the best budget-friendly solutions. Contact us at (702) 861-0036.

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