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How Many Hours Should An AC Run Per Day?

Have you ever wondered about the time your air conditioner must run? We often leave our air conditioners for a long time until we are satisfied with the temperature in our rooms. But what happens if it’s left on for too long? How long are we supposed to leave it on in general? Let’s find out.

An air conditioner is supposed to run for 15-20 minutes at a time. Hold up. Are you thrilled to find out? Yes, you heard me right. How can you manage with just this amount of time for your room to cool down and maintain the same temperature? What are the factors that affect how long your air conditioner runs?

Factors Affecting Air Conditioner Run Time

1. Outside Temperature

The temperature outside directly affects the amount of time your air conditioner runs for. The hotter it is, the longer your AC has to do its job. On mild temperature days, the AC can run for about 15-20 minutes at a time. These are known as cycles. On hotter days, the AC might run for a longer time. Hours even.

2. Thermostat

Set your thermostat according to the outside temperature. The higher you set the value on your thermostat in summers, the lesser you have to run your air conditioner for. Setting your thermostat value closer to the outside temperature reduces the amount of time your AC runs. Apart from this, it makes it easier for your air conditioner and reduces energy consumption.

3.  Measurement

The proportion of your air conditioner to your room directly determines the time that your air conditioner runs. A big AC cools down your home’s temperature compared to a small one. It just needs to run for about 10 minutes in this case. In contrast, smaller air conditioners need to run for a longer time consuming a lot of energy. But big air conditioners do not eliminate the humidity of a room. Get yourselves the right size air conditioner depending on the size of your house.

4.  Air Conditioner And The Insulation

Does your AC seem like it’s running for a longer time than it should? Why isn’t it cooling your room up the way it used to? Leakage in ducts and clogged vents or filters could be a reason. Call up your repair agent right away. An AC repair professional can clean it up and insulate it to make it work better.

Consequences Of A Continuously Running AC

If you leave your air conditioner on for too long, it does nothing but creates a hike in your electricity bill. Reduce the amount of time that an AC runs, and it can directly contribute to energy saving. Energy consumption can be reduced by turning off other electronic devices.

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