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How Much Does A Furnace Cleaning Cost?

Furnace cleaning is an essential ritual if you want to enjoy clean air and ensure the long life of your heating system. While we are all aware of the benefits of furnace cleaning, we don’t spare much thought to the cost it incurs. Having a rough idea of the approximate costs involved in the task can help you plan financially before scheduling an appointment with a heating contractor in Las Vegas, NV.

Factors On Which The Furnace Cleaning Cost Depends

The cleaning cost of a furnace depends on certain factors discussed as follows:

  • Furnace Service: In most cases, the furnace cleaning cost depends on your furnace service provider. Different HVAC companies may charge differently for the task.
  • Age Of The Furnace: Older furnaces will be slightly more difficult to clean while new appliances can be cleaned with relative ease. Therefore, the cleaning costs will vary accordingly.
  • Regularity Of Cleaning: If your furnace isn’t cleaned for months or even years, the service professional will charge more as the cleaning will have to be more rigorous.

When Should You Schedule A Furnace Cleaning?

Ideally, you should enlist furnace cleaning in your cleaning schedule. However, it is understandable that many homeowners forget to keep such schedules because they have more immediate concerns. If you fall in the other category, make sure you don’t ignore the following signs:

  • Shifting To A New House: It is always recommended to clean the furnace in your new house. After all, you would never know if the previous owners had maintained it well or not.
  • Water In The Ducts: If the air filters are a bit damp or you find water inside the ducts, it is a sign that the furnace needs some cleaning and maintenance. While water inside the furnace isn’t a favorable sign, you can get rid of the problem by scheduling furnace cleaning.
  • Uneven Heating: A well-functioning heating system is supposed to heat all the rooms of your home evenly. If that is not the case and one room feels hotter than the others, you might need to clean your furnace.

What Is Furnace Cleaning All About?

Cleaning your furnace doesn’t just include wiping away the dirt and gunk but a lot more. It is about keeping the device in the best possible condition to provide optimum performance during the heating season.

Primarily, the process of furnace cleaning includes the following steps:

  • Replacement of the air filters
  • Cleaning of fans
  • Soot and corrosion removal from the flame sensor, igniter, and other exposed parts of the system
  • A detailed inspection of the appliance, including fuel lines and vents.

How Much Does A Furnace Cleaning Cost?

While estimating the exact furnace cleaning cost is difficult, most homeowners pay in the range of $100-$300 for inspection and cleaning of their furnaces. The cost would depend on the factors mentioned earlier and your heating contractor in Las Vegas, NV.

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