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Tim H.

Wonderful service, I could not have asked for better. Coordinating flying in from Alaska to get the AC installed combined with the permitting process made it very easy.

Shannon G.

We built a custom home in Henderson NV, and Paramount air did all of our HVAC work. These guys are awesome. If you have a problem they are right there and fast. They clean up after themselves also. One of their techs accidentally sprung a mousetrap I had in the garage and they took the time to reset the trap for me. All around amazing customer service top to bottom.

Grady C.

Ok, I need to give credit when credit is due! Paramount Air is hands down the BEST AC Company ever!!!! Read below and find out why! My upstairs ac went out at the rental. Called a company that has fixed my ac before, my fan motor was out and needed a new capacitor and a new thermostat. The man who came out was terribly pushy that I buy a new unit. Told me repairs would be $1800, and why to throw that money away cause I’m going to have to replace my unit soon, and the new unit was only 10.9k, but I only had to make small payments! Now 2 years ago fixing the fan motor by them was $400 mind you, and he said well prices have gone up. Then tried to give me a “smoking deal” that NO ONE could match, $1500 for the repair or $7500 for a new unit… Um……. and he kept at it for like 20 min. Told him I had to sleep on it. So I reached out on Facebook, and Tim From hart Jr said he’d send a tech out for me. The guy came out, was super amazing, spent a lot of time cleaning my units, installing my thermostats, and changed the motor and capacitor for LESS THAN HALF this other company tried to screw me for! No up sale, no scare tactic pressure, said no need to get a new unit just keep maintaining this one! So no I won’t out the crappy company, no need for that, but I will say that Paramount Air, will be the ONLY AC company I will use and recommend from here on out! So yeah, I’ll be calling them out to tune up our units at the house I live in soon! Here is their website:

Richard S.

I’ve had a few air-conditioning companies to my home in Henderson. Without a doubt, these folks are the best of the best very reasonable rates very professional, and get the job done try them.

Michael R.

He did an excellent job in changing some of the ducting around, the house is much more evenly heated now. Will be using it again!

Kathy P.

Took care of two different problems. One happened on a Friday night at 5:05 pm he called me that night and came to fix the problem the next day. I highly recommend it!!!!!


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Chris F. & Doreen L.

On time, informative and took care of our issues- highly recommended!

Dimas & Phil B.

Great service, great friendly staff.

Nick & Krystal B.

From the moment we scheduled the service appointment to completing the service, Paramount Air was on point! Excellent service and great staff!

Sherry B.

Excellent service and communication.

Brandon K.

Tim & Ricky….very solid to recommend. I’m happy to recommend them to anyone. The service has been great.

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