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Tips And Tricks To Find Out If Your Air Conditioner Working Properly

Most AC’s face minor to major problems with proper service annually. However, if you watch out for potential threats and get the tiny issues fixed on time, your AC can run smoothly for years. Therefore, one of the most common questions that people ask is how to tell if an AC is working.

Cooling system owners get confidence if their unit needs maintenance or not. Fortunately, if you are one of them, don’t worry! At Paramount Air, we recommend simple tips to help clients inspect their air conditioners.

What Can You Do To Test The Cooling Ability Of Your AC?

Inspection Of The Air Filter

To understand whether your AC is functioning well or not, the first step is to check the air filters. HVAC experts say that a dirty, dusty, & clogged air filter is an indication that your AC is not working appropriately. Why? The answer is simple. To ensure proper airflow, an AC needs clean air filters. Therefore, replacing the clogged air filter can help guarantee enhanced cooling efficiency throughout the home.

Watch Out For Leaks And Clogged Drains.

You don’t have to be an AC repair Las Vegas, NV expert to spot the most common issues that your AC might have. If you see leaks from broken lines, hear grinding sounds when your AC is on, & clogged drainage holes, your AC definitely needs repair. Squeaking noises could mean damages to belts, bearings, or other parts. Therefore, call a professional immediately.

Visual Inspection Of The Breaker And Thermostat

If you test the breakers for signs of shorts and hire an air conditioning tune-up Las Vegas service annually, you will never have to worry about HVAC emergencies. You may fear that your AC is completely damaged after summer storms sweep through your area. However, when you call a professional, you will find that the storm tripped the breaker. So check the breaker first, rather than assuming that your AC is damaged.

Temperature Check

Sometimes, you will feel that your home is not cooling sufficiently even if your air conditioner is turned on. Don’t be alarmed unnecessarily. You must know that sunlight from windows in summer and air leaks around doors/windows can cause a rise in temperature inside your home. Therefore, your AC might be working just fine. To be sure if your AC is working suitably, check for inadequate or shifting insulation, other factors, and deal with the ones that are affecting the home’s temperature.

Check The Refrigerant Line

If your Air conditioner is on and the refrigerant line has ice on it, this can damage the pipes. Therefore, it is crucial to check the refrigerant line. If you see ice, shut your cooling system off and let the ice melt before turning your AC back on.

Wrapping Up

There are a few things that you can’t diagnose if you are not an HVAC expert. Therefore, call an HVAC technician for an air conditioning tune-up Las Vegas, NV & remain stress-free throughout the year. Our HVAC pro techs at Paramount Air make sure your AC is working perfectly. So why wait till next season? Call us to make sure that potential Ac problems get resolved fast.

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