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Why Would My Furnace Leak Water?

Your furnace is probably working overtime to keep your house well insulated. While these systems do a fantastic job of keeping you warm, they occasionally run into issues. According to experts of Paramount Air for heating services in Las Vegas, one of those issues can be a water leak in the furnace.

It’s vital to identify the source of the issue if this frequent problem is occurring in your home. Finding a quick solution should be the priority because experiencing a water leak can lead to more hazards.

How come my furnace is leaking water?

  • Condensation leak: Heat-related condensation needs to be removed from your home through pipes. It is often done through a floor drain. Experts from Paramount Air performing heating services in Las Vegas, suggest that condensation will leak from these pipes when they get blocked or break, which will cause them to collect around the furnace’s base. Water damage is possible as soon as the water begins to gather and pool.
  • A clogged filter: The airflow is restricted if the filter in your furnace is dusty and blocked. It frequently results in coil freezing. Occasionally, it results in water leaks and water buildup surrounding the furnace. Make sure to regularly check the cleanliness of the air filter in your furnace and replace it if necessary.
  • Humidifier leak: In certain houses, the humidifier is directly connected to the furnace. These gadgets assist in increasing air moisture, which has a lot of advantages. A system leak, however, could result in water dripping onto the floor.

    It typically occurs when a malfunctioning part or obstruction is inside or close to the humidifier. Call Paramount Air for furnace repair in Las Vegas if you find water leaking from the furnace. The repair process could occasionally only take a few minutes. If the matter is neglected, it might get much worse.

  • A plumbing leak: Found a furnace water leak? While you might assume that the source of the leak is the furnace, it may be your plumbing system. It might be a good thing unless you have a severe furnace problem. However, you shouldn’t disregard this plumbing issue.

    It’s simple to confuse a plumbing leak for a furnace leak because your plumbing pipes may be close to your furnace. A broken or obstructed pipe may be to blame if you encounter this plumbing problem. Contact Paramount Air for heating repair in Las Vegas if you are facing this issue.

  • Leaking AC: Furnaces and air conditioners are used together in temperate areas. The condensation pan fills up, and the water spills over the heating system. It gives the impression that your furnace is dripping water when the air conditioner is the main reason behind it.
  • A Heat Exchanger Issue: One of the most costly heating repairs is a heat exchanger issue with your furnace, which could result in a water leak. The heat exchanger may be to blame if you’ve looked into all the other potential sources of a leak and are still unable to locate it.

    Do not wait too long if the water is dripping from the furnace. It might cost you a lot if you delay addressing the issue. It’s essential to contact experts from Paramount Air to avoid the hassle and expensive plumbing expenses. Call us at 702-861-0036 or drop us an email for furnace repair in Las Vegas.

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