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3 Reasons Your Heater Smells Like Burning

A perfectly working furnace is what we all wish to have in the months of winters. Many factors need to be considered to maintain the heating unit up to the mark throughout the season. However, sometimes your heating system can produce weird smells, like burning in your home. 

This condition can occur due to any damage to your heating units. It can also occur after the long break of the summers. Thus, whenever you plan to use your furnace for the winter, it is necessary to check it properly. You can also consult with your HVAC experts or schedule a heating service in Las Vegas, NV to keep your home safe and comfortable.

Here are some most commonly seen reasons behind the burning smell from a heating unit:

  • Burning Smell Due to Dust: Whether you use an electric heating furnace or a heat pump, it can end up producing a burning smell due to the accumulation of dust or other particles. When your heating system remains dormant, it stays at high risk of collection of dust and other particles in the supply unit of your home. When you turn on the system without cleaning those particles, they get burned. Due to this, your furnace will produce a smell, like burning for some time. 

If the smell disappears automatically after one heating cycle, do not need to call the fire department. However, if it persists even after 2 or 3 heating cycles, call your HVAC contractor immediately and schedule a heating repair in Las Vegas, NV

  • Burning Smell Due to Plastic or Rubber: When you prepare the furnace for winter, it is significant to clean the area around it. There should not be any plastic or rubber objects, like toys surrounding the system. Also, you should keep any ignitable item away from the furnace. 

If any rubber or plastic object falls inside the furnace, it will be burned and produce an irritable smell. If you feel any plastic or rubber burning smell from your furnace, try to find out the area of obstruction and isolate that area. Call your heating service in Las Vegas, NV as soon as possible to get help. 

  • Burning Smell Due to Electricity: In a running unit, wiring issues are uncommon except the voltage disturbance or any mechanical issues that damage your supply wires. However, when your system stays inactive during summers, the electrical wire can be damaged due to several causes. 

 If you feel some electrical burning smell in your place and it does not disappear after one or two cycles of heating, immediately call your HVAC experts for heating repair in Las Vegas. It is mandatory to schedule regular HVAC tune-ups to avoid these situations and minimize the risk.

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