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Do you Have a Booming Furnace? Call Us Now!

Hearing a loud booming sound when you switch on your furnace might be terrifying, and if you’re like most people, you’ll be curious as to what caused it. You never know when your furnace will malfunction and leave you without heat or if it’s just a simple issue that a specialist can fix.

Why is my furnace booming so loudly?

There are several reasons why your furnace could bang when it turns on, but most often, your furnace is likely suffering from delayed ignition. This post will cover all the information you need about delayed ignition, how to remedy it, and how to keep your system and house safe.

Delayed Ignition: What is it?

When your thermostat requests heat from the furnace, a gas valve opens, sending gas to the furnace’s burners for ignition.

If the gas is not ignited right away, delayed ignition will happen. Due to the delay, the gas in the furnace can accumulate before it ultimately ignites, which results in a tiny explosion inside your furnace. That is why you must contact us for furnace repair. If you reside in Las Vegas Paramount Air is at your service! 

Why does the ignition start late?

When you initially turn on your furnace after a lengthy inactivity, delayed ignition frequently happens. Moisture can build up and erode the firebox in your furnace if it isn’t used for an extended period.

How can delayed ignition be avoided?

Now that you are aware of the delayed furnace activation. The big concern, though, is still how to prevent delayed ignition.

Most importantly, have it cleaned before turning on your furnace after an extended absence. Working on a gas furnace without expert knowledge is dangerous, so leave the cleaning to our HVAC technician. 

Other noises you should pay attention to

Furnaces frequently make odd noises. Tiny pops or hums are typical noises you hear as the furnace operates. However, if your furnace is running louder than usual and you hear strange noises you’ve never heard before, it’s time to consult with our HVAC specialist about maintenance and repairs.

Clicking: When you turn your furnace on and off, a clicking sound is typical. If the clicking noise persists, it may be a sign that the gas, relay, wiring, ignition, or even electrical control is broken.
: A scraping noise from your furnace indicates that the blower wheel is in trouble.
: Your furnace may be rattling due to something as simple as a loose cover panel or a few missing screws.
Screeching: The sound of your furnace screeching is not good, and it may be the result of a broken blower motor or belt. Squealing could also indicate that the bearings require oiling.

No matter which of these noises you hear, you should never disregard them. The best action is to get in touch with our qualified HVAC specialist as soon as you see them.

It's time to call us!

If you reside in Las Vegas and are concerned about the noises coming from your furnace, Paramount Air offers a thorough heating repair in Las Vegas that will detect any potential problems with your furnace and help keep it working safely and efficiently all year.

We’d be delighted to put our years of knowledge and training to work for you by doing a home energy audit or an indoor air quality inspection. 

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