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Which Mode Is Best For AC In Summer?

Many of us take the western world’s fondness for summer with a grain of salt because summer weather is hot, humid, and unbearably uncomfortable! So to ensure that you do not face excess discomfort during summers, it is prudent to keep your air conditioner in an excellent state by calling experts for a tune-up, repairs, or AC replacement in Las Vegas, NV.

What is the Best Air Conditioner Mode During Summers?

This summer, the cooling mode is the best to run your air conditioning device. It is the most frequent type that your AC has by default. The “cooling mode” is activated for the first time when you turn on your brand new air conditioner, and the compressor begins to run to produce cool air in the room. The compressor turns off when the best room temperature is reached, but the fan runs like a standard “non-inverter” AC.

However, compressed air in an “inverter AC” is slightly different. So instead of turning off the cooling system, it runs at a lower power level to keep the room temperature stable. Hence if you want to accomplish a lower home temperature, set the thermostat to a low temperature, such as 16-18 degrees Celsius.

What are Some Other Prevalent Air Conditioner Modes?

Here are Some Prominent Modes on Which You Can Set Your Air Conditioner.

  • Drying Mode: As the name implies, this configuration reduces the moisture in the room. As nothing is worse than operating on a humid day and having sweat run down your face, this mode is especially useful during the monsoon season or in coastal regions near the sea.

This AC mode gradually reduces the humidity in the room to a comfortable level. However, it makes no difference whether you use the cooling or dry modes. Both will eventually dehumidify your room.

  • The Fan Mode: The cooling mode is the best to run your air conditioning device this summer. This mode is ideal for saving energy once the ideal room temperature has been reached. In an AC, the compressor uses up the majority of the power. Since the AC compressor is turned off in “fan mode,” the power consumption is extremely low, and a “ceiling fan” is preferable to an AC fan for airflow circulation.
  • Sleeping Mode: When the AC mode is switched to sleep, it raises the constant temperature by 0.5 or 1 degree every hour for 2 hours.

For example, suppose you set the temperature to 24 degrees Fahrenheit before going to bed (presuming you went to bed at midnight). This mode will then raise the temperature to 25 degrees Fahrenheit at 1 a.m. and 26 degrees Fahrenheit at 2 a.m. While the sleep mode varies slightly from model to model, the goal will remain the same.

At Paramount Air, we are a prominent name in the heating and cooling industry and offer excellent repair, tune-up, or AC installation in Las Vegas, NV. So why wait? Call us at (702) 861-0036 and get the best deals on your air conditioning installation or replacement.

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